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Unveiling NEXOL Factory: Illuminating the Journey of Light

Jan 18,2024

Follow the footsteps of NEXOL as we step into our production base, unraveling a new dimension of illumination. This video takes you behind the scenes, revealing the miracles that make NEXOL shine and exploring the exquisite beauty of light.

From an ISO-certified factory to the boundless innovation of our R&D with over 60 patents, each step is a commitment to excellence. The CNC workshop with a daily capacity of 2000 sets, power coating factory with with a color difference as low as 0.7, and an assembly line producing up to 900 sets daily. All showcase our dedication to craftsmanship.

This is more than just a factory tour; it's an invitation to explore the artistry behind light. NEXOL Factory Unveiled injects a brilliant light into your life. Discover more in our video, you can also view this on Youtube!

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