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NATURE-T: The Perfect Blend of Portability and Illumination

Sep 26,2023

In outdoor garden lighting and customizable LED lights, NEXOL proudly unveils its latest innovation: NATURE-T. This remarkable addition to our collection transcends the ordinary, offering you a versatile lighting solution that seamlessly combines style and functionality.


Portable Lamp: NATURE-T emerges as a detachable and portable desk lamp, featuring a sleek and compact design that enhances any setting. This luminary companion boasts an impressive stamina, illuminating your world for up to 8 hours at full power on a single charge.

Effortless Control: With NATURE-T, simplicity reigns supreme. It's equipped with an intuitive touch button on the top, enabling effortless control. Switch it on or off with a gentle tap and fine-tune the brightness to suit your mood and needs.


Versatile Illumination: NATURE-T's optical design is a testament to its versatility. It offers a wide range of irradiation, ensuring that your space is bathed in the perfect illumination, be it for an intimate outdoor gathering or a cozy indoor evening.

Weather-Resistant: Your lighting journey with NATURE-T knows no bounds. Rated at IP65, this lamp is primed for both indoor and outdoor use, unfazed by the elements. Illuminate your garden, patio, or any space with confidence, knowing that NATURE-T can handle it all.


A New Dawn in Landscape Lighting: NATURE-T is not just a lamp; it's an experience. It elevates your landscape lighting game to unprecedented heights, turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Create captivating ambiences that leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Beyond the Outdoors: While NATURE-T excels in outdoor garden lighting, its adaptability knows no bounds. This portable luminary effortlessly transitions to your indoor spaces, becoming a versatile addition to your table lamps collection.


Contact us and discover the future of lighting with NATURE-T, where portability meets power, and style meets substance. Illuminate your world on your terms.